In a root canal treatment, our dentist removes the infected pulp from the center of your tooth, which is known as the pulp cavity. After the infection has been removed, Dr. Franco Picofazzi will often widen the cavity before sterilizing it, sealing it from the inside and filling it with a medicated material. In cases in which the pulp cavity has not been thoroughly cleaned, a reinfection can occur which requires a root canal retreatment. So, for your root canal to be a success it is critical for the dentist to know how far the root extends into your jaw.

While this can often be determined by an X-ray, at Picofazzi Dental, Dr. Picofazzi and our team use an apex locator in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, to get the most accurate information about the root of your tooth. This instrument measures the length of the root, allowing our dentist to completely remove the infection while not damaging the structure of the tooth.

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