Maxillofacial is a term referring to the jaws and the face. It can refer to the way a person looks and to the mechanics and health of those areas. Good dentistry means more than just taking care of a person’s smile. It can also include treatments to help improve the structures around the face, the way your jaws and mouth function, and even your appearance. To learn more about our maxillofacial treatments in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, please follow the links below.

Maxillofacial treatments can also be used to help you prepare for other dental procedures. For example, at Picofazzi Dental, we are proud to offer dental implants and you may need a bone graft performed by our dentist so that your jaw can support your new dental work. Dr. Franco Picofazzi will be happy to give you an examination and discuss your options for treatment. Call 610-397-1020 today and we will be happy to help you prepare for your visit.