PRGF Technology or plasma therapy has a number of uses in the medical field. Our dentist may use it to help your body heal following a bone graft or implant placement. But it also has cosmetic uses that can benefit your appearance and your skin.

As your skin ages, it becomes wrinkled, can change in color and becomes less pliable and elastic. This is due in part to factors such as a loss of collagen and a thinning of the skin. If you decide to undergo plasma therapy, our team will take proteins from your blood that can be used to repair the tissues and regenerate your skin. It can reduce wrinkles, enhance the color and improve the thickness of your skin on your face. It can slow the aging process and restore your appearance. In fact, you may notice results within the first 24 hours.

The process itself involves microinjections which is a minimally invasive procedure, and our team will do its best to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your visits. You will need to visit our office periodically throughout the year for further treatments to maintain the effects of plasma therapy.

If you are ready for a natural approach to enhancing or restoring your appearance through plasma therapy in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, please call Picofazzi Dental at 484-530-5050 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Franco Picofazzi.