Our dentist and team are proud to provide porcelain restorations for your smile. Not only is porcelain durable and biocompatible, but it has a very natural appearance, making it the perfect substance for replacing a missing tooth or protecting one. But no two smiles are alike, and you will want your restoration to look as natural as possible.

At Picofazzi Dental, we offer custom staining. Since teeth come in varying shades, it can be tough to match a new veneer, crown or implant to your other teeth. In order to help the newest addition to your smile look natural and blend in, our office provides custom staining. This process will change the color your restoration just enough to improve the appearance of your smile while also not drawing attention to itself. You are free to relax and enjoy your new and improved smile

If you are having a crown, bridge or dental implant placed at our office and want to be certain that it will match the rest of your smile, call 610-397-1020 today to talk with Dr. Franco Picofazzi about custom staining in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.